Selling a Home in Stuart, Florida

 Profit occurs when preparation and experience...

meet opportunity!

Selling your home is an involved process that affects your family and your future

If you’re selling a home in Stuart, Florida, you’ll be glad to know that I use proven marketing plans.  I can increase your exposure to potential buyers in a variety of ways, from well-placed print ads and Open House Programs to taking full advantage of the Internet with enhanced online listings.


A bit of preparation – making sure your home is priced right and is ready to show - also makes a big difference.  And, I don’t put flyers in front of the house.  I can do a much better job of marketing your home quickly if I work with potential buyers in person!


Get the Right Results

My knowledge of the market and negotiating skills are second to none.  Combined with a clear understanding of your goals, I’ll make sure you get the right results.  You’ll sell at the highest market value possible, and never spend too much when you buy. 

Ready to Make a Move?

Call me when you’re ready to make a move.  I'd be pleased to discuss your needs and earn your business.  For the best professional guidance throughout your next move, contact Debi Potter, Realtor today!

Please contact me if you have any questions at 772-240-2550. 

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